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Full Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon) on 15th of April! This is a biggie! This is an ideal time to let go of old habits and ways of being(Moon) which you can tackle with more reason and will power(Sun). This particular Lunar Eclipse has the following energy: Moon is with Rahu—this means that some of your powerful and subconscious attachments and desires which you could not control for maybe years, will be eclipsed by the Sun! So you will be able to more easily let go of negative or past behaviours which you have outgrown! If you want to stop smoking, drinking or some other powerful addiction or emotional pattern, there is no better time than in the coming eclipse! Go for it!
by Astrolada

Embrace Darkness

Eclipsed by Colleen Pinski

Monarch Butterfly and Chrysalis

The photo above shows a nearly fully formed Monarch butterfly as seen through the wall of its chrysalis shortly before emerging.
The chrysalis is the pupa stage of a butterfly’s lifecycle. A Monarch chrysalis is usually attached to a milkweed plant (Asclepias syriaca) — Monarchs and milkweeds are intimately linked.
Soon after this Monarch emerged, it began its extraordinary 2,260 mi (3,640 km) migration to the highlands of central Mexico.

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Pretty cacti, succulents, and aloe 🌿🌡🌸